The Girl With Sadness in Her Eyes by Jules Tillman, 2009
The Girl With Sadness in Her Eyes by Jules Tillman


I’m artist Jules Tillman…artist Jules Tillman

I believe art should be in every home (and in every room) in the world. With the depth and breadth of talented artists that exist and sell their art online (and locally), there’s really no reason not to make your home uniquely you. Just like you choose your outfit, jewelry, shoes and accessories, art is a way to tell the world who you are and how you like to express yourself.

While my main focus is making portraits, I also love incorporating abstract work, collage, and more. I also enjoy working in fiber arts.

I’m definitely influenced by meditation, feminism, the sea (water in all forms, actually), outer space and the human face – and my art reflects that. You can learn (a lot) more about me here.