My Abstract Painting Class is Featured on Skillshare

I started teaching classes on Skillshare back in October. It’s been a fun and creative way for me to share (and combine) my love of both art and business. I know a lot of artists and creatives want to spend their time making, and generally dislike the “business” side of things. But I believe that part of your art practice can be just as fun (well, maybe close to as fun!) as the making part of it.

So far I have a mix of both creatives and entrepreneurial classes, but I feel very grateful to have had my class, “Creating Beautiful Abstract Art, Quickly and Easily With Watercolor & More!” being featured on the crafts classes page! According to Skillshare, “less than one percent of classes are curated within this section and our Content Team only selects classes that have really high student engagement!”  Yay! 


Creating Beautiful Abstract Art, Quickly and Easily With Watercolor & More! Featured on Skillshare's Crafts Page.


This is such an honor! This particular class is really about having fun and mixing mediums, so if you want to play with watercolors and more, please feel free to use this link to take this, and all of my classes for just .99 cents (or for free if you’re already Skillshare member!)