Hi there! 🙂 I’m Jules. I’m an artist, creative business coach, mom of two amazing girls, married to my best friend and partner in all things, and living and loving life in Portland, Oregon. I have one of those minds that hardly ever shuts off (thank goodness for meditation! In fact, for me, making art is a form of meditation.) I’m constantly exploring new ways to bring beauty, creativity, and happiness into the world.

I know I just told you that I’m an artist, but I really think of myself more as a “creative explorer.” I’ve done just about every form of 2D art you can imagine, as well as dabbled in some 3D art projects, as well. Plus I blog about art journaling at www.JoyfulArtJournaling.com. But below you can read about some of my favorite ways to make art…

Jules Tillman, Artist

▸ In my abstract art, I love mixing medias, so that the result becomes part art, part science project, and all beauty. (Well, sometimes. … Because of the “science project” aspect, there are times when they don’t turn out exactly as I expect them to. But that’s okay, too! It becomes part of my learning and growing process.) Adding layers, making imaginary “maps” and more make each piece something (I hope) you want to display in your home and look at over and over.

Abstract painting by Jules Tillman

▸ In my more figurative work, I love to get to the heart of human emotion when I make a portrait – if it makes you feel something, or smile, I’ve done my job. I love making portraits of my friends and family, as well as some of my favorite artists. I also love to create fun and whimsy when I illustrate my “creatures” – animals like cats, bears, and others that don’t really have a name, but certainly have more than their fair share of cute.

The Girl with Sadness in Her Eyes by Jules Tillman

▸ While attending Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland (with a double major in Fine Art and Illustration) I also learned how to create digital paintings, and they are still one of my favorite things to make. I lean modern and minimal when I work digitally. I love Scandinavian style.

Marble Mountains by Jules Tillman


And if you’re still reading (and interested) here is little more about my background:

I was born in Los Angeles, CA and was raised by an extraordinarily entrepreneurial mother, with help from a sweet and silly grandmother and a DIYing, homesteading, favorite aunt. I feel so lucky to have been raised, nurtured, and encouraged by all of them.

I grew up in the 80’s, influenced by the punk rock and rap scenes that were emerging at the time. I loved going to the shows and concerts, as wild and crazy (and sometimes dangerous) as they were. Seeing live music is still one of my favorite things to do. Some of my favorite concerts (so far) were: The Smiths (twice!), Band of Horses, Lana Del Rey,  and I always try to catch Rachel Yamagata when she is in town.

I have had the privilege of learning from some exceptional artists. I’m grateful that I am able to make art full-time and that my art is in private collections in the United States, Australia, Canada, Philippines, the U.K., The Netherlands, and Sweden… The list keeps growing and I couldn’t be happier.

I moved to Portland in 2009 to attend PNCA, and have decided to make this beautiful, rainy little city my permanent home. The creative, vibrant community inspires me daily. I love being by the rivers here, and hope to someday own a floating home.

And a few tidbits of fun:

✓ My favorite meal is brunch — chicken and waffles with a Spanish coffee, please!

✓ I not only love making art, but collecting it, as well. I love tiny illustrations, vintage painted portraits, and large, minimal works. Next to home, art museums are one of my favorite places. I love the conversations that are started by art (even if it is sometimes only in my own head!)

✓ Speaking of favorite places, I’ve lived in many places (from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and even a tiny town in Northern California, population 994, among others), but in 2009 I moved to Portland – not knowing a single soul, and never having been here — thinking I’d live here for four years while I finished up art school, and then I’d move back to California. But I FELL IN LOVE with this little city! Now, I don’t ever want to move. I live close enough to the Willamette River that, when the weather cooperates, I’ll use any excuse to go have a picnic on the waterfront. Or a potluck with friends. Or a walk. Or even business meetings. Or just watch the sun set. Being by/near/on the water is definitely my happy place.

✓ I also love documentaries, books, and I hope that, one day, I’ll have 2 French Bulldogs. And a cat I’ll name puppy.

✓ I’m hopelessly addicted to tea, tattoos, and podcasts.

Here are just a few nice things my patrons have to say about my art:

“The paintings are even more beautiful in person!! I cannot wait to frame these and … tell everyone about you!” ‎François N. (Seattle, WA)

“An absolutely beautiful watercolor and a fantastic opportunity to own an original piece of art. It came promptly and well packaged.” – Faye S. (Philadelphia, PA)

“This is absolutely beautiful! High quality and will proudly hang it on the wall.” – Silvia H. (Seattle, WA) 

“This is a beautiful, one of a kind piece, signed by the artist (on the back). My husband had very nice things to say when he opened it from the mail. I think he loves it more than I do. It looks even better in person. Also up in a plain black frame in my gallery wall, a very nice addition. Prompt shipping and lovely hand written note from the artist.” – Julie S. (Tualatin, OR) 

“Custom painted just for me and she worked with me with grace and patience. Wonderful to buy from.” – Susan W. (Oklahoma City, OK)

“Julie listened to what I wanted, painted it and did a great job doing such. Can’t wait to frame it and get it on the wall.” – Alex Z. (Plantation, FL) 

“Shipped quickly and very personable. Wrapped with care. The art was amazing and I am happy to have it hanging in my apartment. I get lots of compliments on it.” – Jen P. (Portland, OR.)