the 100 day project

So the 100 Day project was such an interesting experience, and experiment, for me. I stopped documenting here on my blog, mostly because I feel like I have so little time each day as it is, and making time to make art each day for 100 days proved tough at times.

It’s funny, because I started the project with gusto and enthusiasm! But somewhere around Day 50-60, I lost all steam. I almost started to feel like I was resenting it a little. But I reminded myself that in that first half, I had truly grown as an artist. I had also committed to it, so I wasn’t going to quit, damnit!

And then around day 80 or so, my enthusiasm returned. I was excited to make something new each day, and experiment within my own parameters: 100 Days Of Black, White, and Pink. I’ll admit that I did phone it in a few times… with a photo of a pink peony, or a black and white photo with some pink filters thrown on it (while I was on vacation.) But for the most part, I was making art with Black, White and Pink every single day during those one-hundred days.

Look at how things progressed!

Day 1:

Day 1 of #The100DayProject by Jules Tillman. #100daysofblackwhiteandpink


Day 51:

Day 51 of #The100DayProject by Jules Tillman. #100daysofblackwhiteandpink


Day 100:

Day 100 of #The100DayProject by Jules Tillman. #100daysofblackwhiteandpink


I played with digital paintings a bit early on in the challenge, but nothing like this last one I made. In fact, the last two were abstract digital portraits. You can scroll back through my Instagram feed to see everything I made for the #100dayChallenge. I had a lot of fun with it (and I hope that’s obvious in my work!) but it definitely was a challenge.

The question is, will I do it again next year? Only time will tell…