#100daysofblackwhiteandpink – Day 1 of the #The100DaysProject

Honestly, I was hesitant to start Elle Luna‘s #The100DayProject this year. (And if you don’t know what #The100DayProject is, basically you decide to do something every day for 100 days, and post it to Instagram using the hashtag, along with a hashtag for your specific project.) I’ve been involved in similar challenges in the past, and found myself getting behind, feeling obligated and occasionally frustrated… and sometimes dropping out.

I didn’t want that to happen this time.

So I almost skipped it altogether, thinking I’d just enjoy watching other people participate. But then I thought about how much progress a person can make in 100 days. Plus I haven’t been making time to make art each day like I really need to do. I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself, with the makeover on this site, as well as launching theUnlimitedCreative.com, I think I need (and deserve) a little time each day for making art and being creative.

So, yay! I’ve decided to participate this year, after all! My hashtag will be….


Which happens to be my current favorite color combo! You can follow along on my Instagram (though I’ll be posting updates here from time to time, too.)

Here is my Day 1 post:


Day 1 of #The100DayProject by Jules Tillman. #100daysofblackwhiteandpink
Day 1 of #The100DayProject by Jules Tillman. #100daysofblackwhiteandpink